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Mat Yoga Series

Stretch & Relaxation
This class introduces various deep stretching poses to help students to improve flexibility, joint mobility, relieve aches and pains caused by incorrect postures and daily habits. [ Suitable for all levels. ]

Yin Yoga
Through long held and passive yoga poses, Yin yoga helps stretching the deep connective tissues of the body and opening the meridians in the body physically and allows students to calm their mind and emotions mentally. [ Suitable for all levels. ]

Yoga Basics
Go into the basic yoga poses and simple breathing technique and let your body experience the balance of strength and flexibility. Basic terminology commonly used in all yoga styles is also introduced. Taught by teachers from diverse disciplines and traditions, the class creates an exceptional and inspirational experience. [ Suitable for beginners ].

Hatha Yoga
A traditional style of yoga practice in slow to moderate pace including yoga postures and breathing exercises. It uses the body as a tool for inner exploration. [ A mixed-level practice including beginners] .

FlyogaTM Series
FlyogaTM combines yoga, aerial arts and dance in one practice. The silk hammock supports your body weight and allows you to imitate standing poses, stretching and inversion poses on the hanging silk hammock in a safe way. Defying gravity on the silk hammock allows you to decompress your spine and refreshing your lymphatic and circulatory systems. [ A mixed-level practice including beginners] .

Three levels for your choice
- FlyogaTM Basics for Beginners
- FlyogaTM for a mixed-level practice
- FlyFlowTM for intermediate to advance practice

Mat Pilates Series

Pilates Stretch
Half Pilates basic work and half stretch exercise to let beginners to have a taste on strengthening core and back muscles. Students will learn correct alignment and stretch the back and shoulders area. [Suitable for beginners].

Pilates Mat
Pilates focuses on strengthening core and back muscles. Students will learn correct alignment and effective use of muscles in this class to keep your spine healthy, tone your core muscles and relieve back pain. [A mixed-level practice].

Prenatal Yoga
Prenatal yoga deepens connection between mother and foetus and counteracts imbalances created by pregnancy. Class focuses on working the back and legs and releasing tension from carrying the extra weight. It eases pain and relaxes the body for deeper sleep. [Suitable for pregnant ladies in 12-38 weeks]